Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pictures of Chalet du Mont-Royal

Hi Team!

Here is a link provided by Simon with pictures of the Chalet du Mont-Royal hosting different outdoor and indoor events.

For those of you who've never visited the Chalet, let us share with you just how breathtaking this location is. It's situated on the summit of Mont-Royal, in the heart of the city, with awesome views of the cityscape. The idea to have the concert there actually originated this past December, while a group of us took a walk up the mountain late one night with Swamiji. At one point all of us stood on the terrace of the Chalet, under the night sky, and as we spoke of this and that, Swamiji casually mentioned: "You guys should have a Youth Festival here."

We did not see the vision then, but now that all of us are part of a team responsible for planning this event and laying the foundation for a community of united youth in Canada, our goal is that much clearer.

And how appropriate it is to have a Youth Summit on the summit of a beautiful mountain (well, it's a hill by some standards!). Let's do this, guys - this is just the beginning!


  1. This was posted by Anna, the newest member of Team Montreal!

  2. I like the outdoor photos with the stage setup so that the crowd is facing the view of the city. That looks ideal to me. Haven't had a chance to discuss this with the rest of the Hali crew yet but speaking for myself this looks great.