Thursday, January 29, 2009

Halifax Weighing In, Jan 29

Hey All!!!
What's up?
The Halifax Team has a couple of ideas regarding that awesome framework set out for us by Toronto. What do you guys think? Please have a look and reply if you can so that we can get the ball rolling before the conference call on Sunday. JGD!! 

1.Umbrella Organization & Theme:

YES!+ and IAHV present... World Peace Youth Summit

IAHV has a broad reach and does lots of service that people can connect to, also a great website, and YES!+ gains the publicity and recognition as being connected to all of that

2. Getting the Venue

- Ch√Ęteau on top of Mont-Royal - Looks beautiful! Montreal Team: Were you guys thinking inside or outside? We think outside looks more practical and appropriate. Have there been concerts there in the past? If so, it will be easier to figure out the logistics in terms of fencing, stage setup, etc.

- We should make sure we all have the same idea of the type of concert, price of tickets, indoor/outdoor, etc. $60 tickets?

3. Theme!!!

World Peace Youth Summit

celebrate what youth are doing for world peace etc

4. The Bands

- XAVIER RUDD!!! Is awesome, very popular, will bring a huge crowd, and his music completly fits the vision and the vibe. Check him out at !!  And YouTube him.. Seriously this guy is amazing. We in Halifax are all very attached to the idea of having Xavier Rudd. Just so you know. And there is a logo of two swans and a sun on one of his albums. We think it is a sign. oooohhh....

- Jeremy Francis is a pop rocker from TO who won’t necessarily draw a huge crowd but will do an incredible job warming up the crowd as an opening act. He sings about love and knowledge and he’s awesome and he is JGD.

- Stefie Shock is cool. Are people still into him in Quebec? does he fit with the vision?

5. Sponsors

Ethical companies - are they too poor?

- Let’s all search for companies with good morals who we can feel comfortable with who also have tonnes of cash to give us for free!

6. Book Venue, Performers, get everything in writing

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! Venues and Tour Schedules fill up very quickly starting around now. 

7. Who is the MC?

- Justin Trudeau would be awesome - any local celebrity figure 

- How about a motivational speaker/ comedian? Russell Peters/Sugar Sammy?

lots of Love from the East Coast! Talk to you sooon!!!

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  1. Hi Joanna! these ideas sound great, comments by me will commence soon. Jai Gurudev