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Monday, March 2, 2009

Ticket sells

Dear all,

While listening to everyone during the conference call on the 2nd of march, it was amazing . I think there are a few things to be kept in mind while doing it -

(1) Sponsorships apart from ticket sells are needed. In this concert while we are trying to forge powerfully the youth movement for change we also need to raise funds. As our teachers told us previously we need to raise money which is also a part of the whole event. So when we go to companies for sponsorship it is not needed to be ticket sales (that should be the last option), so that we can far reach out in raising funds along with the awareness movement.

(2) University students and young professionals are the two sectors we need to target. Keeping that in mind if we can start the promotion by word of mouth in the club meetings, in our classrooms just in cities in and around montreal, we can get our target audience outnumbering what we even imagine.

(3) As for young professionals - from now till the day of the concert we should work on organizing and giving intro talks or the 2 hours Artofliving introductory workshops in each and every company we can get to.

And secondly for the concert what do you all think about getting some university student performers as well. Like in Quebec city we just had a YES!+ course and there is a student from up north Nunavut, who performs the traditional throat singing. I am sure in every city we have such talents.

Loads of love to all,

Friday, February 20, 2009

Governor General and Urban Arts Forum

Hey everyone - check out this info about the Gov Gen's Urban Arts Forum.
Last summer there was an excellent music/arts festival here in Toronto (called The Manifesto) featuring some great artists, it had a strong youth/social message and it collaborated with the Urban Arts Forum.

Please check out:

Urban Arts Forums

The Urban Arts Forums were launched to illustrate how young artists from all backgrounds are using urban arts (hip hop, graffiti, spoken word, break dancing, etc.) to combat social exclusion and crime, and to bring about change in their communities. Forums have taken place from one end of Canada to the other, as well as in Brazil and South Africa. Featuring artists, decision makers, members of the Order of Canada and civic leaders, the forums have resulted in new community initiatives, which, on more than one occasion, have encouraged entire communities to work together.

Jai Gurudev,

Monday, February 16, 2009

Showcasing Who We Are

From Antoine:

Somehow, this event has to create a link to who we are and what we stand for. Otherwise, what's the point? Let's be creative and do things that other event organizers could never do like a guided meditation, a 10 minute knowledge session with the YES!+ Teachers, 2 or 3 bhajans, the enthusiasm clapping game... 
One of the failures of the Sarah McLaughlan concert in Toronto is that it created very little awareness about AoL. We showcased others but we were too shy to showcase ourselves. Let's make sure this time that everyone get's hyped about YES!+ by the end of the show... If you do it right, You can easily get an extra 100 registrations 
on the spot for our YES!+ Course that will start the following Tuesday.

Some Ideas about how we will do this? Post lots of comments!!

Create a Buzz!!

More from Antoine:

Since your event is more than just a concert it is also a social message, you could for example organize an eMerge 2009 Contest where people can submit 60 second videos on different environmental and social themes that are relevant to youth. This will create media attention and you can premier the Top 10 best videos at the concert. Contact film schools and get "emerging" film directors to participate! The Contest could become your pretext for contacting and involving all the different environmental groups, social groups, and get them to participate in your event. This will get the word out about the event and all these different groups and associations who will premier their videos will bring members. Have the newspapers and radio stations announce the rules of the contest and write a story on it. All this will help fill up the room!

Comments, people?