Monday, March 2, 2009

Ticket sells

Dear all,

While listening to everyone during the conference call on the 2nd of march, it was amazing . I think there are a few things to be kept in mind while doing it -

(1) Sponsorships apart from ticket sells are needed. In this concert while we are trying to forge powerfully the youth movement for change we also need to raise funds. As our teachers told us previously we need to raise money which is also a part of the whole event. So when we go to companies for sponsorship it is not needed to be ticket sales (that should be the last option), so that we can far reach out in raising funds along with the awareness movement.

(2) University students and young professionals are the two sectors we need to target. Keeping that in mind if we can start the promotion by word of mouth in the club meetings, in our classrooms just in cities in and around montreal, we can get our target audience outnumbering what we even imagine.

(3) As for young professionals - from now till the day of the concert we should work on organizing and giving intro talks or the 2 hours Artofliving introductory workshops in each and every company we can get to.

And secondly for the concert what do you all think about getting some university student performers as well. Like in Quebec city we just had a YES!+ course and there is a student from up north Nunavut, who performs the traditional throat singing. I am sure in every city we have such talents.

Loads of love to all,

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  1. Hey Guys!
    Here are some of the ideas we came up with on the call. Feel free to discuss further!

    posters and ads are not efficient
    most people come through word of mouth
    organizations can sponsor us by buying blocks of tickets, for their employees etc
    performers and charities, if they can’t be involved when they come to contributing a speaker or something, they can sell tickets
    performers get 10 tickets each etc
    use the fact that it’s in Montreal - great city
    use performers etc as a channel for promotion
    package? what does that involve?
    stay a few days, hang out - bring bus loads from Toronto, Ottawa, etc
    intro to YES!+ one day event kind of thing
    use University Campuses and their networks
    internet buzz - film contest - Promotions and Program
    use the power of the internet - get people’s attention
    INVOLVE PAST YES!+ GRADUATES!!! get them to come and bring their friends
    so many people have done the course since 2006...
    The success of the concert depends on how well we can harness that power
    This is the opportunity - this is the seva project.
    each person have a team of volunteers working under them - inspire them!