Thursday, February 5, 2009

Theme / Names / Teams

Hi guys! It is amazing to see all the developments on the blog and listen to the conference calls.
There are a few things that we here at Winnipeg, are still not clear about. I thought it would be best to put them forward now.

Is the Theme of the concert finalised?
Also we are still deciding about the names, right? We came across few names - One Youth for change, Youth conference for Peace, One Youth: Wave for Change, etc.

We were thinking of looking at this event/concert more as an annual concert for youth all across Canada to come together. As this will be the first of many to come, it should start with a bang. But we believe that it will be good to keep our focus on one thing. It can be peace, gun violence, drugs, sexual exploitation or anything that is affecting youth and society in general. We can pick one issue every year and bring about awareness and the necessary change to eradicate it. In this way, we will get a chance to address all the issues and as our energy will be at one issue on one time, we will be able to bring more tangible results. As for example - this year's concert can be Youth conference 2009: Awareness against gun-violence; Youth Conference 2010: War against drugs, etc. What do you guys think?

Also we wanted to draw the attention towards the possible teams that we are going to make. We are still not sure what the decision was about making the teams on the national level or making it on the level of cities. Whatever be the event, we can start making some of the major teams right now. Like we know for sure, we need a finance team, a fund raising team, a marketing team, administrative team, etc. While the framework of the event is being made, we can start putting people on teams so that we are set to start when we are ready.

How does that sound?

Jai Guru Dev!


  1. Dear all,

    Nice post and really nice suggestion. Yes we should have it as a yearly event but as for the theme, instead of making the name sound as combating a negative sound, we can use more positive sounds: like Youth for Peace, Youth and Power, Youth and non-violence etc. etc.

    This way we will be focussing the same issues but the sound of it will be more pleasing to ears. But once again while naming the event I really like AnnA's idea of coining a "new single phrased word".

    Loads of love to all,
    Mausumi (Quebec city)

  2. That is a good point. I don't think we want to associate ourselves with the war on drugs :)

    I like the idea of having a particular theme every year. I think it is good to keep the focus. However I think it might also be really neat to showcase two or three areas where youth are making a difference in the world. I feel this might reach out to more people, who might not be inspired by the particular issue that we had chosen.

    I don't think we have finalized the concert name, we have lots of ideas up there but no decision has been made. Maybe each city can pick their favorite from the ideas that have been posted, like a shortlist, and then we can decide between those? How does that sound?