Sunday, February 1, 2009

possible concert name

Name: "Freedom's song" Statement: "A movement of empowerment, leadership, heightened awareness, physical and mental rejuvination and realization of the oneness of all. See the reality of oneness and see the reality of freedom." ------or something like this.

This is what I got so far, adjust as much as you please or discard completely, choice is yours.

Al from Halifax


  1. Good evening people!

    I think that keeping our broader vision in mind will affect what kind of name we choose for this event. As we discussed during the conference call, the concert is the first step - it's a springboard for something much, much bigger.

    If this is to be an annual event that will draw students/young professionals to network, share ideas, dialogue, and celebrate together, the name doesn't necessarily have to refer to just this year's concert.

    How about YoungProSharelogabrate Summit?

    It combines all the aspects in one catchy, easy to say word.

    Ok, I'm sooo joking. :P

    Btw, I googled "World Peace Youth Summit" and it's taken.


  2. Dear Anna,
    The suggesstion of such a catchy word like "YoungProSharelogabrate Summit" seems really catchy....try some other combination in the same way and we will definitely comeup with a great one.... A new single word can rock...

    Jai Gurudev,

  3. I believe she was just Joking Mausumi, "YoungProSharelogabrate Summit" will not be on the Poll ;o)