Sunday, February 1, 2009

The theme and the spirit

Dear ones,

Once again we had a wonderful conference call. With each passing calls it seems we are getting more focussed and organized...GREAT. Today there was one thing that made me go wow... our team termed as " A mini United Nations" by Aditya... That was so so cool and inspiring. ( I am sure you all will agree).

After listening to so many names for the event which will mark a day that will initiate the beginning of the era of "Renaissance of Youth Power" (as per my thinking). Not that Youths are not born..everyday they are born but this wind will create the change in the wave dimension and power cutting away from the monotony and boredom we see around. A wave that will empower for generations to come to have a society which cares, shares and loves- isn;t it? So how about to put the banner of the event termed as "One Youth for change " or " One youth: wave for change".

Love you all,

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