Friday, February 6, 2009

Long term vision for our movement

This is the first paragraph of the introduction to Guruji's book by Greg Larsen. "In our general education we are taught many things. We learn to read and write, we learn something of science, mathematics, geography, and history. Some delve into music and art. Unfortunately, the most fundamental of knowledge has not been taught-- how to manage one's own mind and emotions to develope and enjoy the fullest of what human life can offer. No other knowledge is more valuable in determining the quality of one's life."

EXACTLY! breathing techniques, pranayama, meditation, ego busting techniques, all of this should and must be taught at all levels of education, elementary through university. Mind and emotion management and awareness is the most fundamental of knowledge and its not taught!! it should be mandatory.

Here is a quote from our Guru from the same book. "Right education is that which creates in each person a sense of belongingness with the whole world. A person learns to embrace all religions of the world as his own and can choose to practice one without decrying the other. Members of a family can practice more than one religion. This should be the strategy for the 21st century".

There is our long term mission for the Yes+ movement in Canada: Lets strive to get Mind management techniques and courses such as Yes+ happening at every level of education, so that eventually we may finally have the right educationin which we are all aware of the fact that we are One, that we belong to eachother and the world; that we are eachother and the world, therefore transcending limited indentifications with names, creeds, philosophies, politics and religion. We can learn to be all or none of these limited identifications because we have been deeply ingrained through our education system that we are all One.

Love, bless, Jai Gurudev


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